Samsung Galaxy S5: Google Play Edition – Coming soon?


Samsung has been criticized for its overlay over stock Android called TouchWiz ever since its existence. Although some people love Samsung phones, some can’t deal with the excess bloat that they push on to their devices. Tech users rejoiced when Google announced it had partnered with Samsung to push out a S4 with stock Android. A phone with Samsung’s high-end specs accompanied by stock Android was a phone to be desired. This phone was released June 26, 2013.

Very recently, it has appeared that the Galaxy S4: Google Play Edition, is no longer on the market. Early last month, the S4: GPE received a significant price drop down to $400. This could only mean one thing; Google is clearing out stock of a phone that is soon to be obsolete. Now, it’s apparent that they might be upgrading devices. We have seen this before with the HTC One M7 and there is no reason that this case would be any different.

It is yet to be announced, but rumors have been abundant in the past months. We could see the announcement coming within a few months, seeing as Google usually announces its lesser devices before it’s own flagship, the Nexus line. The S4: GPE was quite popular and we wouldn’t expect anything less of the S5 model. Only time will tell.

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