T-Mobile adds Google Play Music and others to Music Freedom


T-Mobile has been continuously adding features to improve the customers experience, and most notably, the 6.0 movement added Music Freedom. Music Freedom, which allows the user to stream music without counting against data usage, has been adding services to be included in this plan. Today, T-Mobile announced that they will add 14 new streaming services to its Un-carrier 6.0 initiative.

The new 14 services can be read below.

  • Google Play Music
  • Xbox Music
  • SoundCloud
  • RadioTunes
  • Digitally Imported
  • Fit Radio
  • Fresca Radio
  • Live365
  • Mad Genius Radio
  • radioPup
  • radio,com
  • Saavn

These services join a total of 27 streaming services that do not count against data on the T-Mobile network. Since the start of Music Freedom, streaming on the T-Mobile network has gone up 300% and roughly 66 million songs are being streamed per day. That equates to 200 terabytes of data per day!


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