Report: iPhone 6 to get bigger battery

While many are clamoring for the iPhone 6 because of the increased screen size, many are forgetting what powers the device. Apple will be bumping up the battery in the iPhone 6 to a reported 1810 mAh, up from 1560 mAh on the iPhone 5S. While this may sound like a big improvement, they are jumping up in screen size as well, so battery life very well could be the same as previous models, if not less.
One thing Apple impresses with is a relatively small battery with decent life. If the bump is upwards of 300 mAh, there could be some serious longevity with Apple’s iOS. Comparing the iPhone 5S or even the reported iPhone 6 battery to the Galaxy S5, there is still a huge gap. The S5 boasts a 2800 mAh battery, but also drags along a 5.1″ screen with 1080p resolution.
Whether this leak is true or not, Apple is definitely going to up the battery size no matter what, and one would hope that it would eclipse the 2000 mAh mark. That would make battery life on the iPhone 6 get closer to the normal size is most flagships these days, and battery life is a huge selling point in 2014.
What are you expecting for the iPhone 6? Is battery life the top reason for getting a certain smartphone? Let us know in the comment box below.
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