Rumored iPhone X Plus shown in renders, sports 6.4 inch display


The iPhone X won’t hit the shelves until November 3, but that doesn’t stop us from looking into the future. Next year, it is rumored Apple will continue the Plus trend on the iPhone X model. While the current iPhone X sports a 5.8 inch display, the rumored iPhone X Plus will come with a massive 6.4 inch display.

The renders, which come from iDropNews, not only give us an idea as what to expect, but compare the device next to the current-gen iPhone X. The iPhone X Plus will have the same near bezel-less design, but in a larger form factor. This is a surprise, as according to 9to5Mac, Apple was original going produce a 5.28 inch iPhone in 2018, but ditched it in place for a larger 6+ inch device.

We are still just under a year away from the next big iPhone announcement, but that doesn’t stop us from speculating what Apple might do. At the end of the day, these are just renders, so don’t put too much stock into how these iPhone X Plus mock-ups appear. The design may change as well as the size of the display.

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