Download: OnePlus 5 wallpapers – FHD and 4K resolutions!


The OnePlus 5 officially launched on June 20 and was very well-received. One area where OnePlus seems to take extra pride in is their wallpapers. The OnePlus wallpapers are always unique, and with the 5 that is no exception. We have the official OnePlus 5 wallpapers for download.

The OnePlus 5 wallpapers, which were created by Hampus Olsson, are now available for download in both 2K and 4K resolutions. Hampus Olsson had this to say about the OnePlus 5 wallpapers:

We got a bunch of plastic containers which we started pouring acrylic, ink, and mediums into. We captured a bunch of photos of the fluid mix, while it was changing pattern quickly. Many of the photos could be used in various ways, like being wrapped onto 3D surfaces, or mixed to look like hot lava and cold winds to complement the final artwork.

Most of these photos weren’t used, but the style was modified to fit what OnePlus was going for. The final product has a greater focus on the individual shapes “blending into its surrounding, barren environment.”

Every wallpaper comes in 3 different flavors: FHD wallpaper, FHD wallpaper with the “Never Settle” slogan, and a full 4K version. They can be downloaded below.

Download Zip File

OnePlus 5 wallpapers FHD

OnePlus 5 wallpapers FHD with Never Settle

OnePlus 5 wallpapers 4K



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