OnePlus 2 will pack 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM


OnePlus has been revealing things about the OnePlus 2 one day at a time now. We know it will have the Snapdragon 810 processor and most recently, will be less than $450. Now, thanks to their latest reveal, it will pack 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM.

That means not only will the device be power packed for whatever gets thrown at it, it will be more efficient as well. The OnePlus 2 has a lower operating voltage than its predecessor. It will run at 1.1v instead of 1.2v which should lead to increased battery life. To top it all off, LPDDR4 RAM is twice as fast as LPDDR3 RAM.

Now that OnePlus has revealed that the OnePlus 2 will pack 4 GB of RAM, we’ll have to wait until the July 27th unveiling in virtual reality to know more about the device. I can tell you one thing, I’ll definitely be picking this ‘flagship’ up.



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