One of the first people to buy an iPhone 6 drops it on live TV


How would you feel if you just bought a brand new iPhone 6 and dropped it on the concrete right as you opened it? That happened in Australia yesterday, as one of the first purchasers of the iPhone 6 tried to open it on the Today Show.

Jack Cooksey, was the first person in Perth, Australia to get his clumsy hands on the brand new iPhone 6. He may have even been the first person in the world to get an iPhone 6 due to Australia’s time. The Today Show of Australia was there with him to interview him on TV.

When he tried to open it, whether it was excitement of getting the brand new iPhone or the nervousness of being on TV, he had a hard time opening the box. When he pulls the lid off his iPhone 6, his brand new phone goes flying! The reaction from the reporter and the entire crowd can be heard in the video that can be seen below.

We congratulate you Jack. You are the first person in the world to drop the new iPhone 6.

via Kotaku


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