Nokia N1 beats iPad 3 — Is this Possible?!


iPad Mini 3 vs Nokia N1

There has been a lot of buzz recently about how the Nokia N1 Tab scored a comprehensive victory over the iPad Mini 3, in the AnTuTu benchmark showdown. A win so comprehensive, that it has actually sparked a surreal interest among people about this almost ordinary tablet. We all know that the AnTuTu benchmark is sort of a no-load test, in order to get an unbiased performance report. But what would the outcome really be if the two tablets were brought inside the ring for an all out brawl? Can the N1 emerge victorious and seal the deal once and for all ? Or will the iPad mini 3 rise to the occasion and take down the new tablet Star – Lets find out

  • Connectivity – The N1 has no SIMsupport, and thus does not even qualify for this criteria. The iPad Mini 3 however, supports sim card for data connectivity. The lack of SIM support , will prove to be a big negative for the N1, giving the iPad the clear victory here.
  • Display – Funny enough, both devices have the same screen size, same resolution, and even the same pixel density. Its no wonder that the N1 has been called the iPad’s twin. The only difference in the displays is that the N1 lacks the oloephobic coating, which is exclusive to Apple.
  • Performance – The performance is where the N1 steps up. The Quad core 2.3 GHz  Intel Atom chipset will most likely run circles around the Apple A7 chipset, and AnTuTu has further approved this claim. The N1 scored a 45,121 on the CPU efficiency test, convincingly beating the iPad , which came second with a score of 28,446. The image processing efficiency, too , was bagged by the N1 with a score 12,623 compared to 10,102 scored by the iPad. It must be noted that , the  N1 not only beat the iPad, it actually beat every single tablet in its segment. The clear victor in performance is the N1.
  • Memory – The N1 has only a 32 GB variant while the iPad comes in three variants , namely , the 16/64/128 GB variants. However, for people who like Multi- tasking, its worth noting that, the N1 comes with 2 GB RAM, while the iPad comes with only a gig of RAM. So, for people who want more memory, go for the iPad, but for the performance Junkies, the N1 is your best bet of the two.
  • Camera – Tablets are not necessarily top choice for photography, but has not stopped Nokia from giving us a decent camera package. To be precise, we get a 8MP rear camera and a 5 MP Front Snapper. The iPad gives us 5MP rear camera  and a 1.2 MP Front camera. In a nutshell, if you ever feel the need to click a quick picture , and you only have your tablet at hand, the N1 will not disappoint.
  • Battery – The N1 features a 5300 mAh battery, while the iPad comes loaded with a 6470 mAh battery. The iPad clearly has the larger battery, but we must keep in mind that, the device also supports data connectivity, and requires a larger battery to take it through the day. However, the 6470 mAh can easily cater to the data and still give you a day or two on a single charge. I must give this one to the iPad.

Overall, it looks like the N1 actually has the upperhand over the iPad , and has clearly justified the hype surrounding it. The N1 costs $260 while the iPad mini 3 starts from $399, making the former the more economic of the two.

When is comes to deciding between the two, here’s a quick tip –

If you are an Apple loyalist and cannot do without the UI, then the iPad should be your clear choice.

For everyone else, the N1 is a tablet worth considering.

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