Why your Motorola phone doesn’t have Android Lollipop yet


Motorola Android Lollipop

Motorola is one of the best smartphone manufacturers when it comes to pushing out the latest Android update to their customers. This is mostly because how much their devices mirror stock Android, albeit a few additions. Not many Motorola phones have received the highly-touted Android Lollipop update yet, but thanks to CNET, Motorola has announced why.

If you remember correctly, Motorola began pushing out Android 5.0 Lollipop to their devices starting early November, before even Nexus devices received the update. With so many devices on the market though, it takes time. It all starts with the “public push” where the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) receives the source code, then companies like Motorola get their hands on it.

Once Motorola gets it however, testing needs to start anew. That means Motorola has to test their custom OS and make sure it’s stable, then give it a trial run with local carriers (depending on location) and other organizations; all which take time. Once the testing is complete, then Motorola can safely distribute their latest update to their phones.

In the testing, Motorola pushes out what is termed “soak tests’, where they limit the amount of users that receive the update, that way they can monitor the devices performance and collect feedback from the front lines. Once that is successful, they will expand the soak test to a larger group until they feel that it is up to par. That leads to carriers making sure that the software and performance is up to their requirements. All of which can take anywhere to weeks if it is successful to months if issues arise.


Although not every Motorola device has received Android Lollipop, the roll outs are continuing. Last week, the Moto G (2nd Gen) has begun to receive the update and the DROID Turbo has seen multiple soak tests. It all takes time, and with an update as big as Android Lollipop, it gets users impatient. Myself included.

If you own a Motorola device and would to see when your device is expected to get the next big update, you can view Motorola’s Upgrades page to see when you get to indulge in some Lollipop goodness.

Source: CNET


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