More Galaxy Note 5 renders surface; S-Pen stylus leaks


There is definitely an announcement on the horizon, because more and more images and renders leak of the Galaxy Note 5 ahead of its purported August 12th debut. Just the other day we showed off some 3-D renders from Humster3D, but today we have some more to get your Note 5 fever in high gear.

Galaxy Note 5 back to front

The Galaxy Note 5 renders were designed by Ivo Maric. His images show off a much more refined render and give us some more details about the device, even if they are just renders based off case manufacturers. We know that the camera and flash will be in the same location as the Galaxy S6/S6 edge, along with a heart rate monitor.

Galaxy Note 5 auto-eject

The renders show off high quality images of what could be what we might see on August 12th. The device has a glass back and front, chamfered edges around the display, and a curved back. One thing to note is that the renders have the bottom speakers and S-Pen slot flipped. They will be on the right side of the device, whereas the renders have it on the left side. This is probably to protect the designer for getting in any legal troubles.

Most notably, the Galaxy Note 5 will have an all-new S-Pen that features the ability to auto-eject. That means you won’t have to claw at the pen to pull it out. The S-Pen leaks today are real and not renders. That means someone has their hands on a device and a full Note 5 leak could possibly happen in the next few days.

The S-Pen has received an overhaul when it comes to looks, as the images above show. Not only is the S-Pen a golden color, it also features a sleeker more pen-like look. That is something we have been expecting from Samsung. To top it off, like we said above, it will have an auto-eject feature. How that will work, we don’t know just yet.



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