More Galaxy Note 5 images surface, show S-Pen will not auto-eject


The Galaxy Note 5 has been steadily leaking throughout the last couple of weeks, both in the form of information and actual pictures. We have gathered that the Note 5 will come in a similar chassis as the Galaxy S6/S6 edge. That means glass on the front and back with a metal frame in between. We have also heard mixed messages about the S-Pen and whether or not it will auto-eject. Today’s leaks may shed some light on that.

Note 5 S-Pen close up

The latest leaks show a prototype Galaxy Note 5 device and it gives us our closest look at the S-Pen. As seen in the image, there is an indent where the user could get their finger underneath the pen to eject it. Now, we won’t know for sure until the phone is debuted on August 12th, but it isn’t looking so good for the auto-eject feature. Samsung has just made the design more flush than seen on previous Note models.


The other image shows the device’s home screen, which hint at an AT&T model. It definitely seems as if carriers aren’t slowing down with the amount of pre-loaded apps on the device. Since the device is an AT&T model, it could be a good hint that the U.S. carriers could get the device come August 21st.

Some other things that aren’t confirmed or denied yet are whether or not the device will have a microSD card slot and if it will have the Exynos 7420 or Exynos 7422 processor. We also haven’t gotten a confirmation on the battery size which is rumored to be upwards of 3,500 mAh, similar to that of the S6 Active.



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