Magisk v13.2 released, fixes some critical issues


Magisk has become a very popular alternative to SuperSu, mainly due to its capabilities and the fact that is open source. One of the best features of Magisk is its ability to hide root at the toggle of a switch and pass SafetyNet tests. That means you can log into apps such as Snapchat and use AndroidPay.

Magisk v13, which was in beta for sometime, had been moved to stable recently. That hasn’t stopped the developers from putting out new updates, as it has now been updated to v13.2. The update changelog can be seen below.

MagiskPolicy Update
Thanks to @jenslody for finding this bug! This is the reason why many cannot make Magisk v13.1 run on your device, since selinux patching is a critical part in both Magisk’s boot patch and boot sequence. Most victims seems to run on Marshmallow. If your device wasn’t running v13.1, this release worth a shot

/sbin Re-link Fixes
One of the most important part in MagiskHide is the /sbin re-linking part. In previous versions there is a bug where the selinux context was set to a non-target folder, which casues some issues. Also, along with the bug fix, I also adjusted the context to match other files in the ramdisk, so that it might also eliminate a lot of weird issues (phone feature breaking non-related to Magisk) if MagiskHide is enabled. For one that I know is that HTC U11 users suffering the USB-C headphone jack adaptor malfunctioning should now be fixed.

The update to version v13.2 seems to fix some installing errors for some users using v13.1 on Marshmallow. So if you were having issues installing it on your device, it would be good to give v13.2 a try. You can view the official XDA thread here or you can download it below.

Download Magisk v13.2


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