Magisk is officially available for the Pixel and Pixel XL, retains root after OTAs


Magisk has been an alternative method to root Android devices for quite awhile now. It has gained popularity by being able to pass Safety Net checks while staying rooted and it is open source. Since it is open source, there have been unofficial versions that run on the Pixel and Pixel XL. Today, the creator of Magisk, John Wu has announced official support for the Pixel family.

One of the biggest challenge for using Magisk on Pixel devices was the fact that it employs A and B partitions. The good news is it only took Wu just over a month to get it working and it comes with a few extra features. The Pixel and Pixel XL can fully pass Safety Net checks while being rooted with Magisk.

Magisk v14.1 now allows for Pixel and Pixel XL devices to retain root while accepting an OTA update. This is done by uninstalling root before the update, then reinstalling it on the second slot during step 2 of the update. This is done all by going through the official app. Once the OTA is installed and the device is rebooted, it will be rooted once again. For full instructions on how to accept an OTA, please go here.

For all other information, please go to the original post on XDA Developers.


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