LG announces ‘LG UX 4.0’ ahead of LG G4 launch


LG UI feature photo

Recently, LG decided to announce their newest 5.5 inch QHD LCD display panel that is expected to go on their upcoming LG G4. They seem to be getting a little impatient, because today LG has announced another feature on their next upcoming flagship device.

LG officially announced ‘LG UX 4.0’, which will make its debut on the highly-anticipated G4, and trickle down the ladder to other devices in the future. ‘LG UX 4.0’ is made to be simple. intuitive, and made for everyone. Other iterations of the UX brought us Q memo/Q slide, knock on, and gesture shot, but LG has added more on top of the bundle.

LG 4.0 UI

The latest UX will come with a new “Quick Shot” feature which will allow the user to bring up the camera with two easy presses of the bottom volume button. This is a nice addition, as the rear-facing buttons are very convenient, especially now that the camera can be launched by two presses. It will also ship with an ‘expert mode’, which will most likely take advantage of Android Lollipop’s ability to manually expose images along with a RAW image format. For more of the features in-depth, check out the official press release here.

Aside from a few other features, LG’s newest UX is expected to make a very customized and smart experience to the user. Aesthetically, it seems as not much as changed, aside from a few tweaks to the icon to better suit Android Lollipop. Obviously, nothing is final until the LG G4 is debuted on April 28th. When the G4 is unleashed, we’ll be sure to have you covered.

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