Rumor Roundup: Android L and Nexus X (6)


There has been a lot of rumors and news going around the smartphone community as of late. Whether it is the supposed leaked images of Shamu (Nexus X  or Nexus 6), the latest hint at Android L being named, or the ever controversial BendGate topic, we have you covered in this edition of Rumor Roundup.

Nexus X

The Nexus X or Nexus 6 has been the topic of the latest leaks and rumors, mainly because of its expected specs. The new Nexus device, is expected to come with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 805 processor, 3 GB of RAM, and QHD display rumored to be anywhere from 5.2 to 5.9 inches.

The previous iterations of the Nexus have all been very good phones, however their specs were never atop the market. That is what makes the phone, codenamed ‘Shamu’ so intriguing. To go along with the overhaul  on specs, the device is expected to have the biggest screen of a Nexus phone to date.

When the new Nexus device was first rumored to be made by Motorola, it was expected to come with a massive 5.9 inch display. This is much larger than its predecessor. The Nexus 5’s display measures in at 5 inches. However, once the Moto X (2014) was debuted, rumors shifted. It was thought that the device would pony off the X and use the same chassis.

All of that has changed, once this image (seen below) leaked onto the internet. The image shows, what appears to be an enlarged version of the Moto X (2014) sitting next to an LG G3. The Nexus device dwarfs the G3, which comes with a 5.5 inch display. This definitely feeds fuel to the fire that the new Google device will sport a massive 5.9 inch display.

The new Nexus device is expected to be debuted on Halloween this year, October 31st, and see a release date of  the following week in November.

Nexus 6 X Motorola Shamu Leak vs LG G3 Comparison.

Android L

Android L has been around ever since Google debuted the updated Android OS on June 25 at the Google I/O Conference this year. Although the updated OS has been debuted, and extensively available through developer previews, the tasty desert name is still MIA. A new image that Google posted celebrating their 16th birthday, may be the closest hint at to what the new name will be.

Earlier this month, it was reported that the name for Android L might be Android Lion. To give some credit to this rumor, Google partnered with Nestle for Android K naming after the crunchy candy KitKat. Lion is also a candy bar made by Nestle, however it is not readily available stateside and is not very popular worldwide. It is unlikely that Google would do this again.

To go along with the Lion rumor, there was a period of time where lemon meringue pie was rumored as well. In FCC documents regarding WiFi testing on a Google device, the build had the initials ‘LMP’. This sparked the Android Lemon Meringue Pie kick. This has slightly faded over the past weeks.

The original name thought to be for Android L was Lollipop. This was rumored after KitKat was debuted, and has long been on top of the rumor mill. This name has reemerged after an odd birthday cake Google posted for their birthday.

For Google’s birthday, they posted an image of asking Google Now “why do we put candles on birthday cakes?” In the image, you can see that the cake doesn’t have candles on it, however it is adorned by lollipops. The fact that they are using Google Now, which is Google’s answer to Siri, showing off lollipops, gives us a strong hint as to what Android L will be called: Android Lollipop.


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