Root has officially hit LG G4 US carrier variants, TWRP as well


The LG G4 has been out for nearly three months and Android development on the device has been slim to none. That is because other than the international unlocked version, there was no root available for the G4. That is until yesterday. XDA user thecubed has announced the “Low Effort Root” for the G4.

U.S. carrier variants all came with a locked bootloader, so it was a little harder for them to unlock and root. Fortunately for us, the root method is available for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon variants. The process isn’t a one click root as seen with other devices, so you’ll have to buckle down and be patient. On top of that, TWRP has announced that it has made it available for the T-Mobile variant, model H811.

I know I’ll be unlocking and rooting my G4, it’s something I’ve been waiting for since I got the device. Custom ROMs should just be around the corner now that the bootloader has been unlocked.



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