iPhone 8 wireless charging rumors heat up after hidden iOS sound files are found


The internet today is once again abuzz with iPhone 8 rumors as hidden iOS 11 sound byte files are found within the beta operating system. iPhone 8 wireless charging rumors continue to gain steam.

The iOS 11 beta has been out to users for a few days now and people have wasted no time in tearing through the source code to find all the little pieces they can from the next big iOS update.

Posted by Youtuber “MAKS+”, there is a new sound file added within iOS 11 depicting what people are saying is “Apple’s possible sound byte for wireless charging”

In the video, shown below, they compare the standard charging sound byte with the new one, which Apple named “engage_power.caf”. With the word “power” in the title, its pretty certain this does have something to do with battery power.

Whether or not this is for wireless charging or a new revamped normal charging sound, no one knows. That will never stop the rumor-mill from churning though!

iOS 11 Wireless Charging sounds



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