iPhone 6c will come with A9 chip, support for Apple Pay, launch in time for Valentine’s Day


There has long been rumors that Apple would release a 4 inch iPhone because not every one is satisfied with the larger models. The closer and closer we get to 2016 however, the stronger these rumors become. The latest information has the iPhone 6c coming with the A9 chip and will support Apple Pay.

According to Apple expert┬áMing-Chi Kuo at KGI Securities, the iPhone 6c is definitely a real project and Apple will begin production in the beginning of 2016. He also stated that the iPhone 6c will look more like an iPhone 5s than an iPhone 6. To top that off, the device will likely see a release just in time for Valentine’s Day. This would be the first time Apple would release outside their standard Q4 release cycle.

Along with the A9 chip, the iPhone 6c will most definitely come with a fingerprint sensor if it is to support Apple Pay. It will retain the overall shape of the iPhone 5s, but will have the same curved 2.5D glass like the iPhone 6 and 6s. Since the device won’t be as premium and high-end as the iPhone 6s/6s Plus, the iPhone 6c is likely to carry a price tag of $400-500, which would be pretty impressive for Apple.



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