iPhone 6 latest: New image leaks!


The latest on the iPhone 6 rumor mill is that there are new supposed image leaks. Lately, the leaks concerning the iPhone 6 have been minimal, but a company called Feld & Volk has posted new images. Feld & Volk have been customizing Apple products since 2008 when they developed the first prototype iPhone 3G with a glowing Apple logo.

In the pictures we don’t know if the device is the standard 4.7″ iPhone 6 or the the so called 5.5″ iPhablet. Either way it is a good glimpse at what is to come. You can see the rounded edges, which strays away from the iPhone’s classic square design, and the buttons are recessed. That is one of the major differnces, coming from the normal round type we are accustomed to.

One red flag that is thrown up from these images is the external camera lens. On all previous iPhone models, this has been flush with the back of the device. This has been seen before on the the fake iPhone 6 that is storming the internet, but Feld & Volk seem to have a legitimate pedigree. Regardless, it gets us that much closer to the September 12th debut.


You can see Feld & Volks work here.

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