HTC plans to monetize BlinkFeed with sponsored apps


We have all heard it by now. HTC had a disastrous launch of their new device, the One M9, While they had hoped it would increase their sales, they were completely wrong. HTC posted their worst quarterly earnings in eight years, which is a huge blow to the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer. All hope is not lost, as they are stewing up ideas to help calm the storm.

Today, the well-known HTC leaker, @upleaks, posted an interesting leak on his Twitter handle. The image shows what HTC plans to do in order to put some money back in their shareholders pockets. HTC plans to employ their Blinkfeed application to display relevant sponsored applications as well as products, accessories, and services promotions in the future.

HTC monetize Blinkfeed

In essence, HTC is employing their own version of AdSense by using one of their most popular applications. They ought to be careful, because it will definitely be a double-edged sword. Yes, it might increase their profits, but they have to look at how many consumers will disable or leave HTC for advertising on an in-house application.

He also identified that HTC has already baked the ad delivery system framework in the latest version of Sense Home (7.1) which was released on May 6th. It seems that this targeted advertisement in BlinkFeed is going to happen sooner rather than later.

So HTC users, if they were to put sponsored ad placement on your Blinkfeed, what would you do? Accept it, disable it, leave HTC? Let us know!


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