HTC teases One M10 on Twitter with image and #powerof10


While the Samsung and LG were debuting the Galaxy S7 and LG G5 respectively at Mobile World Congress, one of the top smartphone manufacturers sat at the wayside. That company was HTC and they chose to hold off on their announcement of what is assured to be the HTC One M10, the successor to last year’s lackluster One M9. The good news is that we might be getting closer to an announcement as HTC’s official Twitter posted a teaser image that can be seen below.

The image which is accompanied by the #powerof10 hashtag shows off the first real image we’ve seen of the M10, aside from Evan Blass’ leaked images. The image just shows off the silver chamfered edges of the device, teasing the device’s build. HTC has always been known for a great build, but their design has gone stale with no evolution.

HTC One M10 front of device

The image that Evan Blass leaked that is seen above, definitely shows off some silver chamfered edges, so it seems likely that thisĀ indeed is the One M10. Considering his track record as of late, it is almost assured. With the leaks coming out along with HTC’s official tweet, an announcement of a press event is likely coming up. We’ll keep you posted.


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