HTC One M9 (Hima) images/video [leak]


The image of the supposed “HTC One M9” have been swirling around the internet as of late, and I’m sorry to say, they are totally fake. These images weren’t intended to be the M9, but instead concept images by graphic designer Jermaine Smit. PhoneArena¬†and BGR both have posted about these concept images previously on November 20, 2014. PhoneArena seen here and BGR seen here.

Even though they both posted about it previously, they re-posted it yesterday claiming they were leaked images. BGR seen here and PhoneArena seen here (they recently updated their article to state that it’s fake). Just to prove to you, here’s the entire gallery courtesy of AndroidJS. There’s even a video of the concept device.

HTC One M9 image 1
HTC One M9 image 2
HTC One M9 image 3
HTC One M9 image 4

As you can see in the video, it references the device having a 5.1 inch QHD display, Snapdragon 808 processor, 6 ultrapixel rear-facing camera, and 2.9 ultrapixel front-facing camera. We all know that those are incorrect, as the latest up-to-date specs can be seen here.

For future reference, if you ever are skeptical of ‘leaked images’ just do the easy thing. Google the device name with “concept” after it and see what comes up. If all else fails, Google’s reverse image search is a great tool. What are your thoughts on this HTC One M9 concept? I definitely would be impressed if the real device was that slim and sleek for sure.



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