HTC Hima Ace concept shows off mock Sense 7.0


htc hima

Just the other day, HTC announced their “utopia in progress” campaign that will be unveiled the day before MWC on March 1st. While they didn’t announce specifically which device they will unveil, everyone knows that it will be the device codenamed Hima, or better known as the HTC One M9. The latest rumors suggests that their could be a higher-end HTC device dubbed the Hima Ace debuted alongside the HTC One M9.

While rumors surrounding the Hima Ace are slim, aside from sporting a bigger 5.5 inch QHD display, 4 GB of RAM, and a Snapdragon 810 processor, designer Hasan Kaymak has decided to show off what he thinks the device could look like. Within his concepts are is own interesting take on what Sense 7.0 could bring us.

htc hima 2


The Hima Ace continues where the HTC One M8 left off, with a very slim, sleek, brushed aluminum unibody. Along with the updated ashetics comes a bigger camera, triple-LED flash, and an almost bezel-less design. On the front of the device are HTC’s trademarked BoomSound speakers that have a slight impact on the design.

htc hima 3


If either the HTC Hima or Hima Ace look to be anything like this concept, it could be one of the top phones in 2015. HTC has always topped the premium design, especially on the Android market. What do you think of this concept; what would you like to see on the upcoming HTC device(s).


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