HTC Android Lollipop release schedule leaked


Android Lollipop has just started to hit the HTC One M8 developer and unlocked variants just the other day, but a newly leaked document may shed light on when other HTC devices will get the update. The information, coming from HTC Viet, gives us the best look as to when  and which HTC devices will get the update.

The Android Lollipop update looks as if it will spread throughout 2015, with the higher-end devices receiving the update in the first half of the year. Of those expected to get the Lollipop treatment in Q1 of 2015 are the HTC One M8 and the HTC One M7. As expected, they get the update first.

Q2 of 2015: One E8, Desire EYE, One M8 EYE, Butterfly 2.

Q3 of 2015: One Max, M7 Dual SIM, Desire 816, Desire 820u, One M8 Mini, One E8 China, One M8 EYE China.

Q4 of 2015: Desire 510, 610, 820s, and One Mini.

It is good to see that HTC is going full-force with their Lollipop updates, with a handful of devices getting the new Android OS throughout 2015. While all these devices will receive the new Android update, as expected Sense 7.0 will debut on the One M9 (Hima) in March. It is not expected to be seen on any previous devices.

Source: HTC Viet | Via: Talk Android


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