HTC 10 (One M10) aluminum shell listed online for sale, bares all


While Samsung and LG captured the Android audience before MWC 2016, HTC stayed outside of the limelight. We have seen multiple looks at the upcoming HTC 10 (One M10),including a few leaks and some press renders, but nothing too extreme. Today, an online listing in China was selling an HTC 10 back shell and it included quite the image gallery.

The HTC 10, formerly known as the One M10, has undergone a slight redesign from its last two predecessors, but almost looks like a refinement of the One M7. Many Android fans were clamoring for a 2016 M7 with updated specs, and it looks like this might be it. The website shows off the HTC 10 at all angles leaving nothing to the imagination.

Granted the listing is for just the rear shell, it still gives a lot of details of what will make up the HTC 10. The images seem legitimate, especially since they match up with all of the previous seen leaks. Since these are the rear shells, we don’t get to see the front, but it does confirm there will be a down-firing speaker and USB Type-C. It is good to see the USB port is in the middle of the device, not offset.

As for the top, it seems HTC will continue with the plastic, probably to help the cellular signal get outside the aluminum shell. The buttons remain on the right and the SIM/microSD card slot will reside on the left. The headphone jack will be in the middle of the top, much like the Motorola phones.

To refresh on the specifications now that you’ve seen nearly the entire device before the April 12th launch, it will most definitely feature the Snapdragon 820 processor and 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM. Displaying the content will be a QHD 5.1 inch display and we have not heard anything about storage. It will most likely be 32 GB of ROM. For the camera-side of things, look for a 12 UltraPixel camera on the back and a 3,000 mAh battery powering the device.



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