Google Play Store now has a ‘Free App of the Week’


It has been some time now, but the Amazon Appstore has employed a free app of the day feature, making one paid app free throughout the day. Android users have been waiting for the Google Play Store to do the same, and now it seems like it is getting closer. Now the Google Play Store has a ‘Free App of the Week’.

Google Play Store free app of the week

Although it isn’t a daily occurrence, it’s a good start. The first app to be free on the market isn’t all that desirable either. This week’s free app comes from PBS Kids at a $2.99 value and is titled¬†Daniel Tiger Grr-ific Feelings.¬†

Currently, the only ‘Free App of the Week’ is found in the Family section of the Play Store, so it is unknown if it’ll expand or just stay in that category. Regardless, it is good to see Google offer up a free app seeing as they are the largest application store currently on the market.


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