Google Pixel 2 will debut October 5, sport the Snapdragon 836 processor


With the Galaxy Note 8 announcement out of the way, the main hype transfers to Google’s upcoming devices. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have seen a good amount of leaks, but nothing about when we should expect the devices. Courtesy of Evan Blass, we now know when the devices will be announced.

The 2017 Pixel devices will see an October 5 debut, similar to the October 4 debut of  last year’s models. In previous one of the first big Pixel 2 leaks, an October launch was rumored. but was yet to be confirmed. If it is anything like last year, we could expect to get our hands on the HTC-made Pixel 2 and  LG-made Pixel 2 XL before Halloween.

Lastly, in the same tweet, Blass confirmed that the devices will indeed sport the Snapdragon 836 processor. No other device has yet to be rumored with using that SoC, so it will very likely be the first. If this sounds familiar, it is because the Pixel and Pixel XL were the first devices to sport the upgraded Snapdragon 821 processor.

Last year, Google sent out the Pixel press invites towards the end of September, so we are still probably a few weeks away from a formal announcement. Until then, we’ll have to continue to speculate. If Evan Blass’ track record is any indication, I would call this second only to coming straight from Google.


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