Pixel 2 leaks, confirms dual font-facing speakers, no headphone jack


Evan Blass from¬†VentureBeat is at again, seemingly leaking every phone under the sun. This time, we are gifted with a real photo of the upcoming Google Pixel 2. Gifted might be the wrong term, because according to this image the Pixel 2 won’t be adopting any of the big feature of 2017 flagship devices.

The Pixel 2, which is code-named Walleye, shows a very familiar design with a few key differences between last year’s model. While the device will indeed have rather large bezels, it will come with dual front-facing stereo speakers. This is a feature that was sorely missed on last year’s Pixel devices after coming on both the Nexus 6 and 6P.

Pixel 2 live photo

Although the next Pixel device is featuring stereo speakers,¬†VentureBeat has confirmed that Google is ditching the headphone jack on both devices, the 2 and XL 2. There have been many rumors floating around that this was true, but this is the first time we have received a solid confirmation on the matter. Coming from Evan Blass’ track record, it’s the next best thing aside from coming straight from Google.

We don’t know when the Pixel or Pixel XL 2 will be announced, but Evan Blass used interesting wording in the original article: “Although still months away from an official unveiling”. That would mean that the unveiling would come in October or later.

What are your thoughts on the Pixel 2? Are the dual front-facing speakers worth the loss of the 3.5mm headphone jack? Be sure to let us know in the comments!



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