Galaxy S9 and S9+ to sport different hardware, appear at CES


Early reports of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ have the Samsung duo appearing earlier than normal. We have already seen benchmarks of the S9 on Geekbench, but now we have a little more proof. The ever-credible Evan Blass has let us know through VentureBeat that Samsung will debut its newest phones at the Consumer Electronics Show next year.

It is unknown how much information Samsung will divulge at CES 2018 as they are still planning on an official launch event in March. Someone briefed with Samsung’s plans claims that the devices won’t receive a radical redesign as last year’s models. Though the devices will look largely the same, there will be some key differences with the 2018 phones.

The Galaxy S9+ will boast 6GB of RAM compared to the 4GB expected on the Galaxy S9. This further clarifies why the benchmarked S9 only sported 4GB of RAM. Along with more RAM, the S9+ will also feature dual cameras just as the Note8. Only one rear-facing camera will be present on the smaller S9. Both devices will come with a re-positioned fingerprint sensor, below the cameras.

Lastly, both devices are expected to keep the headphone jack, which is unheard of in new flagship phones. They will also feature AKG tuned stereo speakers. Likely employing the main bottom-firing speaker along with the ear-piece speaker, similar to HTC devices and the iPhone X.


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