Galaxy S6 Edge shown off in 3D renders


Galaxy S6 Edge 2

The Galaxy S6 Edge was shown off yesterday in a massive leak, but the entire device was not shown off. The images depicted the Galaxy S6 Edge next to its flat Galaxy S6 counterpart. Both images of the front and back were shown, but nothing more. Today, renders made by CNET Korea gives us our best look as what the Galaxy S6 Edge could entail.

The renders show off a sleek device with both edges sloping down, a larger home button, and a protruding rear-facing camera. Overall, they did an excellent job of creating the device from previous leaks, it nearly looks real. They show off the device at all angles to give us the best sense as to what Samsung will unveil this Sunday (March 1st) at Mobile World Congress. The entire gallery can be seen below.

The device is expected to ship with a metal chassis and glass on both the front and back of the device. The home button, which has been enlarged on the S6 models, will house an all-new touch-based fingerprint sensor. It is unknown if it will protrude that much, but again, these are just renders.

The Galaxy S6 Edge will debut alongside the Galaxy S6 on March 1st in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress. Both devices have been detailed thoroughly in leaks so far, but you never know if Samsung has something up their sleeve. We’ll have you covered on Sunday as we’ll be following the stream live.



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