Galaxy Note 5 stops at the FCC, affirms August 12 debut


There has been a lot of Galaxy Note 5 news swirling around the internet as of late, most notably some confirmed specs and some awesome 3-D renders. The latest news has the Galaxy Note 5 making its pass through the FCC, the natural course for an upcoming smartphone.

Currently, only the Verizon and AT&T variants have passed through, but more are expected to surface in the coming days. The Verizon Galaxy Note 5 has a model number of SM-N920V whereas the AT&T Galaxy Note 5 has the model number SM-N920A. One could safely assume T-Mobile’s Note 5 would have the model number SM-N920T, but that is purely speculation.

So what does the passing through the FCC mean? Well, to give you a comparison, the Galaxy Note 4 passed through the FCC in early September. Then, nearly a month later in mid-October, the device was released. If that is to hint towards anything, the August 21st release date does sound very promising.


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