Galaxy Note 4: Release may come sooner than we think


Samsung stock has been falling steadily since the release of their other flagship device the Galaxy S5, and they might be taking action sooner than everyone expected. Originally, it was thought that the Galaxy Note 4 would be debuted at the IFA Expo in Berlin, but falling stock has changed that. According to latest rumors, the Note 4’s release date has been pushed up to early September rather than late September, or early October.

With releasing the Galaxy Note 4 in early September, they beat out the iPhone 6, and in the world of technology, people don’t like to wait any longer than they have to when it comes to upgrading their device. For people who may be on the fence about getting the iPhone 6 or the Note 4, this could be a great move by Samsung that could pay dividends (no pun intended).

One thing that the iPhone has on the Note so far is the leaked images. Leaks get people excited, and they are definitely doing so about the iPhone 6. Supposed iPhone 6 leaks have been steady, but Samsung has been running a tight ship; the world has no idea what the Note 4 will look like. If Samsung previews the device in August, it could tilt the excitement towards the Note 4, and surely their stocks would tilt upwards as well.

With profits at Samsung not matching projections, they are going to need to do something drastic, especially when combating the iPhone 6. Releasing the Galaxy Note 4 in early September before previously expected, could immediately raise stock and most importantly people’s excitement. At the end of the day, people’s excitement and purchase drive the stocks – not projections.


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