Google testing free video chats with doctors when searching for symptoms



Google is already all around us in our lives, whether it is the GPS we use, email accounts, our phones, etc. Now Google may be entering your life in another aspect.

Google is testing a new feature in their search engine. Previously when you searched a condition or symptom, it would give you links to external websites such as WebMD where you could read about what you might have.

Now, Google wants to help your health themselves, and that comes in the form of direct contact with a doctor. In the image seen here, when searching a symptom you are having, an option to talk with a doctor now shows up. In that window, it states “all visit costs are covered by Google during this limited trail.”

Other than this screenshot, there are no further details as we know of. It seems as if every company wants to get in-touch with your health. For example Samsung with their S-Health application and Apple with their Health app.

Whether or not this test will pan-out, it is good to see Google offering this for free (as of now). It does state trial, which means that if it is successful, it could be a premium feature.

Do you like this idea or are you opposed to Google invading your life even more? Let us know!

Via 9to5Google


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