Essential Phone getting portrait mode later today, charging dock very soon


Essential has been a very active company within the community, hosting Reddit AMAs every other week. Hosting an AMA is a good way for Essential to let consumers know the latest details of what’s going on with future updates and products. Today was no different as we got good news about both of those topics.

The biggest news is that portrait mode will finally be coming to the Essential Phone. In the AMA, it was stated that it will actually be rolling out to the Play Store later today. That is great news as Essential originally estimated it would be released with the official Android Oreo update. It currently isn’t live, but we will update the article once it is actually pushed to the Play Store.

The other big news coming out of the AMA is that the official charging dock is nearing a release. According to Joe, the final build has been completed, it is just waiting on regulatory. He was nice enough to provide a few pictures of the charging dock in action. There are magnets on the dock to help guide the pins into place. There is also a lip on the bottom so the device won’t slide off if it is propped up. Keep an eye on the Essential store for it to go on sale.

If you would like to read the whole AMA, you can do so here. There’s a lot of extra information in there about future updates and the Android Oreo beta.

Update: The new Essential Camera app with Portrait Mode is now available, download below.

Essential Camera
Essential Camera
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

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