Essential Phone gets official Android Oreo beta


One of the main perks for purchasing an Essential Phone is that it is running stock Android. Not only does it provide a smooth user experience, but it makes it easier for Essential to update the OS to the latest version of Android. Now, two months after Oreo was announced, the first official Android 8.0 Oreo beta is now available for the Essential Phone

The interesting thing about this Android Oreo beta is that it will not come over the air. Users are expected to sideload the update using ADB tools. Essential has provided instructions on how to do this; if you have ADB tools installed, it is a pretty straightforward process. You must have the latest build of Android Nougat installed, so check for an update before you plan to sideload the beta.

Since it Android Oreo for the Essential Phone is in the beta stage, there will be bugs. You will need to opt-in and agree to the terns before being able to download the beta. It is known that there is a battery drain when bluetooth is enabled and Android Auto compatibility issues. If you come across any additonal bugs, you can submit them here.

Download Android Oreo Beta


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