Essential Phone Extended Care quietly surfaces, costs $99


It has been over 2 months since we were first introduced to the very first Essential Phone. The device, was expected to launch within 30 days of the announcement, but that has since come and gone. When the phone was first available for reservation, there was no extended warranty program available. This is what we were given from Essential’s support FAQ.

Currently there is no option to purchase an Extended Warranty during the reservation period. However, an Extended Warranty will be made available following the reservation period for $99. The specific date when the Phone’s Extended Warranty can be purchased will be announced later. Please be sure to keep an eye on our social media channels and for these announcements!

The interesting part of this quote from Essential states that “an Extended Warranty will be made available following the reservation period for $99.” Well, today the Essential Extended Care has surfaced, as found by a Reddit user. The page, which can be seen here, discusses what Essential Extended Care covers.

Essential Extended Care Chart

The Extended Care adds an extra year onto the limited warranty while adding coverage for normal wear and tear along with accidental damage from drops and water. Currently, the link doesn’t go a specific site, but a sample PDF. The document shows Essential has partnered with Asurion to handle claims on its devices. It is worth noting that while the plan is $99 up front, there is also a $99 deductible for a claim.

Now while the support thread said the Essential Extended Care plan would be available after the reservation phase for the device, it is currently live on the site right now. Meaning you can reserve an Essential Phone with the Extended Care. Currently you are unable to purchase Extended Care without a device at the moment.


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