Dish and T-Mobile could soon join forces through merger


T-Mobile has long been in search of a partner, as their majority stake owner, Deutsche Telekom, has been looking to sell the company. Dish Network may be that company to take the wireless carrier out of Deutsche Telekom’s hands as latest rumors suggest.

At first, AT&T attempted to buy the magenta carrier, followed by Sprint attempting a merger. Both have failed due to a combination of factors, but now a Dish Network has entered the fray. Currently talks are in a “formative stage”, so now deal is imminent, but it is very possible as it makes sense for both companies.

T-Mobile, the fourth largest wireless carrier in the United States, and Dish Network, the second largest satellite cable provider seemed to have agreed on one main point. According to the Wall Street JournalDish Network CEO Charlie Ergen would become the company’s Chairman whereas John Legere would assume the CEO roll of the newly formed company. Key factors of the deal such as purchase price, cash, stock are still not decided on.

Dish Network and T-Mobile seem like a perfect match due to the fact of other cable companies and wireless carriers are joining forces. Not only that, but Dish Network has an abundance of spectrum, but no network. T-Mobile has a subscriber base that keeps growing exponentially, but not enough spectrum.



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