CyanogenMod 12S OnePlus One rollout resumes; includes “OK OnePlus”


For many of you, the wait for Lollipop on the OnePlus One was a long one. Four months after the source code for Lollipop was released, OxygenOS was released for the One. However, most users were waiting for the highly anticipated CyanogenMod 12S. Recently, it started to rollout via OTA updates, but was halted due to some unforeseen bugs.

Steve Kondik personally commented on the OnePlus forums and stated the bugs that caused the delay were related to users who had their CyanogenMod 11S devices encrypted, which caused problems when updating to 12S. Not only that, but it broke the voice wakeup feature dubbed “OK OnePlus”.

If you are still using CM 11S with your OnePlus One, you will receive an 8 MB update before the Lollipop update to get your device prepped and ready. The good news is everything is back on track and the OTA is hitting the airwaves again. That is the reason why they do staged rollouts, so they can catch these bugs before they hit the masses.



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