Cortana will officially hit Android in June, iOS later this year


It has definitely been a long-time coming, but today Microsoft finally announced that their voice-based assistant Cortana will be available on Android and iOS devices as soon as June. This comes as no surprise, as Microsoft announced they will begin supporting Android and iOS apps on Windows 10 Mobile.

Cortana, which is essentially a Google Now and Siri competitor, will allow users to search for things on the web, set reminders, and dictate email.¬†Unfortunately, due to Cortana just being an application and not integrated into the actual software of the device, features such as ‘Hey, Cortana’, toggling device settings, and opening apps won’t initially be available.

Cortana and Windows 10 coming to Android and iOS

It’s interesting that they mention that it won’t be initially available. That means that Microsoft has something up their sleeve. This could be an early hint at Cyanogen OS, as Microsoft has had strong interest in them and Cyanogen has pledged to stray away from Google services. Another option would be if Microsoft enabled root privileges, which would be quite interesting. The former is the obvious choice, but the latter is always a possibility.

If you would like to try the app early, you can join the Windows Insider Program, which will give you access to a preview build in a few weeks.



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