Amazon launches ‘Amazon Underground’; includes $10,000 in free apps


Today, Amazon announced the launch of their brand new app store. If this sounds odd, that’s because there already is a dedicated Amazon AppStore. This one on-the-other-hand, has a little more value. Amazon Underground includes over $10,000 in free apps, games, and in-app items.

This already builds off Amazon’s “Free app of the day” in which they choose an application or game that is free for a 24 hour period. Amazon Underground includes popular premium apps such as Goat Simulator, PhotoSuite 4, and OfficeSuite Professional 8.

How app developers in fact make money off this? Amazon is paying developers a certain amount of money on a per-minute basis. Consumers will not have to pay for anything in the app marked with an “Actually Free” banner.

Amazon also states that Amazon Underground is not a one time promotion and will be here for the long haul. Over time, they also plan on expanding the Underground benefits.

To install the new Amazon Underground application, go to Amazon Underground on your phone. Once there, follow these simple instructions once the app is downloaded.

Amazon Underground how to install



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