What is your personal notifier on your smartphone?


One of the most customizable things on our phones of today isn’t the wallpaper, case, or which phone we have, it’s our personal notifier; whether it is for text messages, emails, voice mails, etc. It is something we have to hear every day upwards of 100 times for some people. There has to be a happy median between picking a tone you like, but don’ t get sick of.

Some people I know just don’t care and stick with the notification that comes standard on the device, never blinking an eye. When I first got the Galaxy S3, I was excited to have the whistle you hear over and over on their ads, yet I found it awkward at times in public and it became a pure annoyance. That was changed rather quickly. After going through all the sounds, over and over to find a suitor, I settled on the classic bubbles of the Galaxy series. That was my tone up until Google Hangouts came out. Ever since, I have been using the Hangouts sound; however it seems quite popular now (multiple people at my work use it).

Does anyone else put so much effort into picking a notification sound? Do you use one stock on your device or do find your own? I have been through many on my phones, and it seems only one per device ends up sticking with me. Let me know in the comments below what your personal notifications are.

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