Smartwatch Rundown: Which smartwatch are you most excited for?


This fall, a massive amount of devices are being released. Some of those include the Galaxy Note 4, iPhone 6, Nexus X, and many more. Along with the upcoming flagship devices being released, manufacturers are iniating the biggest push in smartwatch history. Apple, Samsung, Asus, LG, and Motorola are planned to debut their newest watches. Below, you can see a profile on a few of the major upcoming smartwatches.

Apple iWatch

Apple has been rumored to be releasing the iWatch for sometime now, but the time is finally coming. Apple is expected to debut their highly-anticipated iWatch in the coming weeks in California. The iWatch is expected to come with a 1.5 inch round display. It has been rumored that it will include a curved display, but it is unlikely. The device will run a version of iOS 8 and will come with Siri, full app support, the ability to take calls and texts, and will sport a camera. The iWatch will also support wireless charging.
Price: $400+
Expected release: January 2015
Asus ZenWatch

Rumors surrounding the upcoming Asus smartwatch have been kept to a minimum, aside from Asus released teasers. Asus has been teasing their upcoming device by stating “marvel at how time will be transformed at #IFA2014 Berlin with the Incredible ZenWatch.” While not much is known about this device, it is expected to come with a low price, which could be is biggest feature and will run Google’s Android Wear OS. If Asus releases a smartwatch with comparable specs to other smartwatches that are soon to be released, the lower price could make it very successful.

Price: $100-150
Expected release: October 2014
ASUS IFA debut teaser

LG G Watch R

The G Watch R is expected to be an updated version of its predecessor, except it will come with a round display. The device will run Android Wear OS, and is going to come with a 1.3 inch display, with a resolution of 360 x 360. One of biggest features of the LG G Watch R is that will come with a metal chassis. It is also rumored to have around a 400+ mAh battery which would equate to around one to two days of use. This could be a concern, but the fact that it comes with a round display, could entice users to purchase it anyways. 
Price: $300
Expected release: November/December 2014


Motorola Moto 360

One of the most anticipated smartwatches is Motorola’s Moto 360. This device was already on display at Google I/O 2014, and it received  high praise. The Moto 360 is expected to be charged entirely by wireless charging. There is no microUSB port on the device. It will sport a 1.5 inch display and take advantage of gesture commands. One example is to view notifications, the user just needs to twist their wrist. This device will also run Android Wear OS and work on any Android device 4.3 or higher.

Price: $250
Expected release: October 2014

Moto 360: It’s Time.

Samsung Gear S

The Gear S will be the sixth device in Samsung’s smartwatch career, and will come with an all new feature. The watch will be a standalone device and will not need to be tethered to a smartphone. It will be able to send and receive texts and calls over 3G networks. While its biggest feature is the fact that is solo (S), one downfall is that it will come with Samsung’s Tizen OS. This means that it will not be able to connect to the Android Wear app store nor Google Now. The display will be rectangular with a slight curve and will measure 2 inches diagonally.

Price: $200+
Expected release: September 15, 2014


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