Project Ara headed to Puerto Rico in early 2015


Project Ara hitting the market is becoming more and more of a reality with each passing day. News has been flowing in surrounding the first modular smartphone, most recently is the release date of the device. Google has announced that Puerto Rico will be the first pilot location for Project Ara and go on sale sometime in 2015.

The reasoning for Google picking Puerto Rico was explained at their second Module Developers Conference today. According to Project Ara Director, Paul Eremenko, the reason they chose Puerto Rico was mainly due to the fact that over 75% of internet accessed by Puerto Ricans is from mobile devices.

The latest prototype of Project Ara, which will be called Spiral 3, will have features such as all-day battery, LTE connectivity, advanced camera, and more.

It is still unknown when the device will see a mass release globally, but the fact that they are announcing the first test run is a good sign. Project Ara is getting closer to reality and will soon be available to everyone.

Source: Project Ara

Via: Android Central


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