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One accessory that almost always accompanies our computers is some sort of printing device. It is one of the only things that is lacking from smartphones today. As of late, smartphone manufacturers have been sending out their devices with pre-loaded applications to assist with wireless printing. However, most of the time they usually are only compatible with a certain printer brand and are very difficult to setup. Once it is set up, printing options are very limited. 

Print Hammermill mobile printing is as simple as printing from a computer. It takes all of the headaches away from setting up your smartphone or tablet to sync up with your wireless printer. The app is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, and it can be found on the Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore, and Apple App Store for no charge. It also comes with a multitude of printing options including the ability to print emails, text messages, documents, and many more.
First of all, the most important thing for a printing app such as Print Hammermill, is its ability to make connecting to a WiFi or Bluetooth printer easy. We found out with this app, it is as simple as four clicks and you are connected to the printer. 
Once you are connected to your printer, Print Hammermill has many options as to what to print. Unlike some apps that come stock on a device or other apps on the marketplace, this app allows you to print almost anything on your Android device from pictures on your Facebook to call history. On Apple the app is more limited to photos, web pages, email, contacts, and Facebook. This is due to the limited permissions on Apple devices. The full list of all options for Android can be seen on the lower left whereas the options for Apple can be seen on the lower right. 
Not only does this app have a variety options of what to print, it also comes fitted with standard printing options you would normally see on your computer. This is extremely convenient and completely takes away the need to transfer any files that you want to print from your phone to your computer. 
If you are worried about printing a document that has graphics in color and wasting your ink, there is an option to print in completely grayscale. This also works vice versa, if you want to print an image in high quality, there is a mode for that. We compared the same photo that was printed from a computer to the one printed from the smartphone and the colors were spot on and the quality was not lost. 
On a computer, when you click print, it gives you the options to exclude certain pages and or increase the amount of the copies. That feature is not lost on this app, and it makes it even more convenient and less of a hassle of worrying about printing extra pages that don’t need to be printed. You can choose between page ranges or the option to print either odd or even page numbers. 
One thing that the app should improve upon, is giving the option to print a certain amount of texts and the ability to print an entire email thread in the printing option. If you wanted to print a few texts from a thread, you would have to print the entire thread. You could limit the page numbers to print just a certain page, but that is time consuming. If you wanted to print multiple emails from a single thread, you would have to print them individually, one at a time. In the options for printing contacts, you can choose which contacts you would like to print, anywhere from one or your entire contacts list. If they added this option for printing, it would definitely be a home-run app. 
Overall, if you are in the market for a very well-rounded printing app because you don’t have one, or the stock one on your device is seriously lacking power, Print Hammermill is for you. The easiness in setting up your device to connect to a wireless printer combined with the multitude of printing options make this a must for someone who prints on the go. International Paper has taken all of the printer settings found on your computer, and squeezed it all into an app. You can find the download links below. 
Overall: 9/10 

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