New Pixel 2 XL leak shows off new Pixel Launcher, dual front-facing speakers


We are now just two days and counting from the official launch of the upcoming Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. That means we should have a steady stream of leaks for the aforementioned devices. The latest leak comes from none other than Evan Blass. It depicts the Pixel 2 XL in a case and confirms a few previous leaks.

Even though this leak has the upcoming larger Pixel within a case, it provides us with some good details about what to expect on the new device. The most interesting part is definitely the redesigned Pixel Launcher. This was rumored for sometime, but we haven’t got an official look at it until now. It seems the Google Search pill is removed in favor of a full-width search bar as seen in the past. This time, it resides in the bottom app dock.

Since the search bar has been moved most likely to increase usability, there is now an open area at the top of the screen. It is unknown if this render is using a widget at the top or if it will indeed be standard on the launcher. It currently shows information from your calendar and the current weather. We will have to wait until Wednesday to find out. It is worth noting that a widget with that appearance is currently not available on my Pixel XL.

Another interesting tidbit is the time on the device: 8:00 and not 8:10. It is rumored that both the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will launch with Android 8.1, similar to the Pixel and Pixel launching with Android 7.1. Google hasn’t always been consistent with renders and the time relating back to the version of Android it is running, but it is something to note.

Lastly, if we needed anymore confirmation, this leak confirms dual front facing speakers. Originally, it was only rumored to be on the smaller device, but Google must’ve changed their mind. It is pretty impressive that they will retain the highly sought after screen to body ratio with dual front facing speakers.


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