Oppo R7 leaks continue to pop up on Weibo [updated with more images]


The new Oppo smartphone is drawing quite the interest, and for good reason too. Last week we showed you a few images of the leaked device reportedly the Oppo R7, but today’s images are much more clear. The leaks came from a Weibo account and show off the device at a couple of different angles.

R7 first image

Not much else is learned from these images, aside from how beautiful a bezel-less phone can really be. Edge to edge there is nothing, but screen. The image above really gives us a good look at how the edges of the glass seem to chamfer down, which will give it a really nice feel. No sharp edges will be on this device.  I personally think it would make Samsung proud.

Oppo R7 side image

Among other things, it is rumored to sport a MediaTek chipset along with a 5.5 QHD display. I wouldn’t be surprised if the device sported 4 GB of RAM either. When more information surfaces about the Oppo R7, we’ll be sure to have you covered. Oppo continues to make waves throughout the smartphone market and we wouldn’t want to miss out on anything new. Hopefully for our sake, the next Oppo device hits North America.

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