Newest look at iPhone 6: 27 days remaining


The sooner we get to the release date of one of the most-anticipated devices of the year, the more leaks we will get. That has been the case today. We are now twenty-seven days from the expected debut of the iPhone 6, and phone modifier Feld & Volk are at it again.

Earlier this month, we got a look into what the iPhone 6’s rear panel will look like. Feld & Volk has released images of the iPhone 5 before its release back in 2012, so we can affirm that this is legitimate. This time, we get our best look yet at the design of the front panel that will ship with the iPhone 6.

In these images you can see that Apple has made some changes from what we are used to. The front panel isn’t the typical squared edge that we have seen on all previous iPhone models. This panel has a very subtle curve to it, which gives it an appearance of a thinner or non-existent bezel. In the age where everyone wants a bigger screen and less bezel, Apple has definitely nailed this one. 
This is our closest look at what is to come as far as physical buttons on the iPhone. We already know what to expect for the home-button, due to the existence of the iPhone 5s, but the side buttons have received a makeover. Apple is stepping away from their circular standard, and moving to the recessed oval design that is found on most smartphones. We don’t know if this is the lock button, volume rockers, or both, but it looks sharp.
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Feld & Volk can be seen here

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