New Samsung teaser shows off Galaxy Note 4


The latest teaser to come from Samsung surrounding the Galaxy Note 4 is this unlisted ‘unpacked’ video. This video continues the trend of the previous unpacked teasers by featuring an emphasis on the S-Pen. The one difference on this teaser, is that you actually get a glimpse of the Galaxy Note 4. While this is only a silhouette of the device, it gives us one of the best looks as to what to expect design-wise on this phablet.

The ‘Unpacked’ event is scheduled for September 3rd at IFA 2014 in Berlin, Germany. The Note 4 is expected to ship with 4 GB of RAM, a QHD display, and a new form factor. The device is expected to be released on September 15th. If any other teasers or news breaks on the Galaxy Note 4, we’ll have you covered as always.

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