New details surrounding Galaxy Note 4 fingerprint scanner

There are few guaranteed things that will come with the upcoming phablet, the Galaxy Note 4. One of those is the S-Pen, and the other is the fingerprint scanner. Ever since Apple installed a fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5s, Samsung has followed. Samsung released their first fingerprint scanner on the S5, then the Alpha, and now the Note 4. It doesn’t seem like they will be ditching the feature anytime soon. 
The Galaxy Note 4 is expected to come with the same Synaptics’ Natural ID solution as the Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy S5. One annoyance with the current S5 fingerprint scanner, is that you have to slide your finger across the home button. That may change with the Note 4. According SamMobile, Samsung will use technology to split the the fingerprint sensor into two parts, one on the home button and the rest on the screen. 
Another feature expected to launch on the Note 4, is the ability to unlock your device with different fingers to open different apps. This will be called Fingerprint Shortcuts and will be customizable.
The Note 4 will be debuted on September 3rd, and is looking at a September 15th release. Stay dialed on Phone Probe for all of the latest news surrounding the Galaxy Note 4.



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