Moto Z2 shown off on Motorola site with new Moto Mods


There’s an old saying that you shouldn’t post something online if you don’t want it to be permanent. Well, Motorola made that mistake as they very well may have shown off the Moto Z2. Currently, there isn’t a Moto Z device with dual cameras, which strongly suggests that this is indeed the Z2.

The Moto Mods landing page for the Chinese Motorola was the culprit for the slip up. Currently,  it is just showing off existing Moto Mods, because the original image has since been taken down. The original image showed off a few new Moto Mods on the upcoming Moto Z2. Some of them are a game pad, portable photo printer, and 360 degree camera.

We didn’t gain too much information about the suspected Moto Z2, other than the fact that it retains the same overall design as its predecessor. This is a smart move by Motorola as the Moto Mods, their big selling point, will be able to move from one device to the next.

The only main change expected on the Moto Z2, aside from a natural spec bump, is the switch to dual cameras versus a single camera. We don’t know much else, but we do know that the Moto Z2 is expected to debut alongside the Moto X4 (which has seen its own handful of leaks) on July 25.



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